FOCUS+ is a smart wrist band which can monitor and analyse drivers and mobile and lone workers’ fatigue and wellbeing levels.

The development of the FOCUS+ device was born out of the Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC) project led by Edinburgh Trams with support from UKTram and Transport for Edinburgh.

The system is being delivered by Edinburgh based IHF Limited, an award-winning Human Factors company, chartered by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF), with a focus on Human Systems Integration, Training and Incident Investigation.

FOCUS+ passively collects biometric data from the wearer, the data is then anonymised and stored within a secure web-based environment. Machine learning models are then developed for each wearer with alerts generated to signal the wellbeing of the wearer and where their biometric data has deviated from its normal baseline.

The initial pilot test using prototype devices was conducted in 2020 using drivers from Edinburgh Trams. It tested acceptability of the FOCUS+ device design including comfort, interference with working duties of a user and to co-create with the user’s part of the solution’s design.

Phase 2 of the pilot commenced in Summer 2021 and saw the introduction of new devices with an expanded and upgraded range of sensors, as well as an improved physical design based on feedback to improve comfortability and usability.

In 2022, the trial has now progressed further with the next iteration of the device design issued to tram drivers, customer service staff, control rooms, engineers and office-based volunteers at multiple UK operators.